Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beaded Hangers

I made a few of these beaded hangers last year (when I obviously had too much time on my hands). During her visit to Melbourne a few weeks ago, my Aunty Jenny took a couple back with her, and when my Grandmother saw them got rather upset that they were not for her! Ladies - lets not fight over hangers ok?! One of my favourite lines from How to Make an American Quilt: "Bicker, bicker, bicker, makes a girl age quicker!"

Updated 23-Apr-11: Aunty Jenny said that the hangers are still in her cupboard but she anticipates that they will slowly slip away to Grandma's cupboard!


They are super easy to make; all you need are hangers and Pony beads. Untwist the twisty bit, tread the beads through, and retwist the twisty bit. Voila - instant Hanger Glamour!

I bought the hangers from Daiso (Melbourne store), my most favourite bric a brac store ever. I went to the Harajuku store twice when I was in Tokyo in November 2010 (4 storeys of everything I didn't realise I needed). Pony beads are getting harder to find and can be rather pricy but I managed to buy a packet from Riot Art and Craft who are currently having a sale.

So this is how I've spent my evenings this week - threading beads onto hangers while watching Boardwalk Empire where I found out what Lysol was used for. Ick! On the other hand, how versatile, a multipurpose product that is both a germ and sperm killer!

I woke up early this morning and went for a walk with my parents for about one hour and enjoyed the beautiful Autumn colours.

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