Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cherry Cross Stitch

One of the things I like about Summer is eating cherries. I adore cherries and once Mum and I made cherry jam, and I had red stained finger tips for a week as I de-pipped the pips! Not only are they delicious but I find them beautiful. I've captured the essence of Summer by cross stitching cherries onto a table runner. The project is not as daunting as it looks as it requires only four different embroidery floss colours (I'm not sure about other cross stitchers, but I hate changing colours!).
 I've almost completed one side so I'm hoping that posting a blog entry about it could motivate me to work on it more often so I could eventually photograph the finished project. It's one of the reasons why I started writing this blog; definitely not to have an audience (as my life isn't really that exciting to document), but it could perhaps get me to do more different things to make my life more interesting, and not to procrastinate and finish what I start!

I definitely need to wash the table runner when it's completed as the photo does not show the little smudges of chocolate from the Tim Tams I've been eating. For those of you not familiar with Tim Tams, they are the most delicious biscuits ever made (seriously, this is a fact) and they are even sold in packets containing 11 biscuits, because you just need that extra one! Pure genius Arnotts!

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