Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cherries Table Runner

After 6980 stitches (yep, I'm really that geeky), I'm SO excited to have finished my cherries table runner on Saturday night (even geekier to admit that I was home on Saturday night cross stitching). I had to add a couple more cherries as I ended up with 58 cherries - an extremely inauspicious number for a Cantonese (rough translation is "no prosperity") so the completed table runner contains 60 cherries in total. I was excited and a little sad - excited because the project is completed, but a little sad because I can't work on it any more!

Completing the last stitch!
Mum and I went to celebrate Buddha's Birthday at Melbourne's Federation Square on Sunday 15 May, where we bathed the Buddha which symbolises inner purification. The premise is that washing away physical dirt is easy, but it is "more difficult to cleanse one's inner dirt of greed, anger and ignorance". Performing the ritual is said to improve "harmony and inner balance, leading to a flourishing, fulfilling, wholesome, blissful and enlightened life". 

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