Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snowball Patchwork Quilt

I really didn't need to start another patchwork quilt since I have four unfinished quilts in my UFO cupboard but I simply couldn't resist! I went to my annual pilgrimage, the Craft and Quilt Fair at Jeff's Shed on Saturday 30 July and bought two lots of Moda's Buttercup charm packs for a bargain price of $10 each (regularly around $15). I love charm packs because they are cut into 5" squares (ideal for me since I can't cut straight!), and the fabric pieces are coordinated so I know the colours compliment each other perfectly.

I couldn't wait to start this quilt so I started sewing on Sunday afternoon after I came back from a tour of the Chinese Museum which had an exhibition of blue and white embroidery from Sichuan province. I was impressed with the tiny, even indigo stitches worked on plain uneven weave fabric, and I'm sure the women did not use waste canvas to create such magnificent pieces!

I always thought that the Chinese came to Australia during the gold rush, but the guide advised that the Chinese first starting coming to Australia when we need more workers after convict transportation ceased during the mid 1800s. During the gold rush, the Chinese disembarked in Adelaide and walked to Ballarat (which took around two weeks) rather than pay the six pounds (equivalent to about A$1000 today) required to enter Victoria. I can just imagine the conversations among the Chinese: "That's ridiculous, I'm not paying that, I'll just walk!"

Anyway, back to the quilt! Using cream homespun I picked up at Lincraft at their 50% off fabric sale last week, I've decided to make a Snowball quilt. I cut out 5cm x 5cm squares and drew a diagonal sew line on the fabric (because I can't sew straight either). I sewed a homespun square to each corner, snipped the corners and then finger pressed the seams. Voila - a Snowball block!

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  1. Hi Karen, lovely to meet you at mark's birthday. I love the glassess you stitched for his card. Hopy you had a great time at the craft fair!