Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 3: Fox Glacier and Queenstown

I was a little disappointed that we were only given 30 minutes at Fox Glacier, even more so when I saw a sign on the path that indicated that it takes an hour. Since it is a rocky path, and I'm not the most coordinated, it wasn't wise to run especially along this path!

I didn't get to the glacier as I needed to get back on the bus, but I did enjoy the views nonetheless. Oh well, maybe next time!

We then travelled down the West coast via Haast Pass where some members of our group took a cruise. I'm not sure of the name of this place, it was serene and I felt we were intruding.

After lunch at Makarora, we headed to Queenstown where again we were greeted with breathtaking views.

We stayed on the fourth floor at the Mercure Queenstown Resort which had beautiful views of Lake Wakatipu - wouldn't be lovely to wake up to these views everyday?

View on the left

View on the right
After a buffet dinner, we walked to the town centre about 20 minutes away, and it was certainly a struggle to walk back up some very steep hills. Despite the clouds, the sunset was beautiful.

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