Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 6: Mirror Lakes, The Chasm & Milford Sound

With Grand Pacific Tour's seat rotation policy, I got to enjoy the front seat today. We stopped by Mirror Lakes in the morning which was gorgeous.

I took heaps of photos of this location and had to flip some printed photos a few times because I wasn't sure if I had them the right way. We were warned about sandflies and had bought insect repellent in anticipation, but I guess the sandflies were having a day off.

We then stopped at another walking trailed call The Chasm, but we were rather distracted with this cheeky kea who was the centre of attention at the carpark.

We stopped to take photos of yet another beautiful mountain where Mum collected spring water which she insisted I wash my face with that evening. Nope, I haven't seen a visible reduction in the five signs of aging...

One of the highlights of the trip for me would have to be the spectacular Milford Sound where we cruised on the Milford Sovereign. Our "picnic" lunch which was fine, but paled in comparison to the hot miso soup and bento the Japanese travellers were served.

We were delighted to see these fur seals on our return.

This waterfall was spectacular and we got pretty close to it so we all got an early shower.

After we returned to Te Anau, we took a stroll to the local supermarket where we bought Kapiti ice cream - SO yummy!

It could have been named Wong Street, Wong Road, Wong Lane, Wong Court... no, it had to be Wong Way didn't it?


  1. I am enjoying your tour in NZ, we have been a couple of times. The first was Queenstown and the other was an extensive tour of the North Island in a camper van. I would love to go back again!

  2. Hi Jane - We saw a lot of people travelling by camper van and it looks like the best way to explore NZ. The tour bus was convenient but it would have been good to spend longer at some places and also hop out to take photos (a lot of the scenery I took were from the bus).