Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 9: Mount Cook & Methven

Believe me when I say that Mount Cook is hiding behind those clouds. We had pretty good weather throughout our trip and it had to rain on the day we visit New Zealand's highest mountain! Oh well, at least the statue of Sir Edmund Hillary gets to see it everyday.

I haven't enhanced the colours of the photos taken during the trip, so Lake Tekapo's water is turquoise, and the wild lupins are as Mother Nature intended them to be (have to give her cheers for her great colour sense).

The Church of the Good Shepherd was built in 1935.

Close to the Church is one of New Zealand's best known public monuments, a bronze statue of a New Zealand Collie sheepdog.

On our way to Methven our bus was involved in an accident! I felt the bus slowing down and about to turn right into a gravel road. The next second, bang as the car travelling behind decided to continue straight ahead. Thankfully no one was injured, but the car did spin 360* and its left side was damaged. A word of advice to drivers, don't try to over take a bus because our much larger vehicle only sustained scratches!

Methven was deserted when we arrived in the late afternoon, but we found a supermarket where we bought fresh local raspberries.

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