Friday, February 3, 2012

Cross Stitched Bamboo Baskets

I like cross stitching especially small motifs that take just a few hours (well in the stitching world, a "few" could mean at least 10 hours) to complete, but I'm sometimes at a loss at what to do with the completed pieces. Being a practical gal who likes to make not only lovely but useful things, these great bamboo baskets with flip top lids from a Japanese variety store called Tokuya is a great way to display my cross stitch.

Cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid, and glue a thin piece of wadding to the cardboard. Neatly fold the cross stitch fabric to the cardboard, and glue the cardboard to the basket lid. Nothing is compete without my signature bow!

The cupcake motifs are from a Japanese cross stitch book, and the toadstool and cherries is from Rico Designs' "Stickereien fur die Kuche".

1 comment:

  1. I love your crosstich, especially the little toadstools. [Have been opshop shopping again, I can't help myself] Jane