Saturday, April 7, 2012

Appliqued Teapot Tea Towel

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It's the Easter long weekend and I'm ssiicckkk with the flu! It's terribly unfair as I was planning a few projects but now I'm just moping around the house.

Mum was watching Martha Stewart earlier this week and she really liked a teapot appliqued tea towel featured on the show. I've previously confessed to an obsession with tea towels so I just had to make one!

Martha used linen tea towels and Liberty of London prints which start from A$45 per metre at Clegg's...errr, so I'll stick with an IKEA cotton tea towel for 49 cents and cotton prints I have in my overflowing fabric boxes. I cut up some red print quilter's quarters and ironed on Pellon fusible webbing. There you go, a quick and easy project which can be completed even if one is ssiicckkk!

You might think that I'm only kidding about the tea towel obsession so here is evidence - last year I completed this blackwork embroidery of tea towels hanging on a clothes line from Sonia Lucano's Made in France Blackwork. I even have it framed... sad but true.

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  1. That Martha Stewart has some great ideas! I think your blackwork embroidery is beautiful, hope you feel better soon.