Friday, April 20, 2012

Felt Doughnuts

Another food theme project, I know, I know, what's with that? I've made a few of these for myself and friends which always bring a smile to people's faces. The pattern is from Joie Staff's "My Favourite Sweets" and the book is filled with delicious looking goodies. I use these doughnut as pin cushions but they look pretty cute served on a plate! I showed the ladies at a sewing Meet Up group last year how to make these, and we had a fun, calorie free afternoon.

You will need:
  • Felt for the doughnut (I used cream felt which makes my doughnuts a little pasty looking so you may wish to use light brown felt)
  • Felt for the icing
  • Beads for the sprinkles
  • Embroidery thread matching the doughnut and icing felt
  • Fibre fill
It's a super easy pattern as all you need are 2 circular pieces of felt (8cm in diameter) with a hole (1.5cm diameter) cut out in the middle for the doughnut.

Cut a squiggly piece of felt for the icing with a 1.5cm diameter hole in the middle. Place the icing on top of one doughnut felt making sure the 1.5cm holes line up and whip stitch (or blanket stitch if you prefer) using embroidery thread that matches the icing. Doughnuts need sprinkles so sew beads liberally on top of the icing (I've used seed and bugle beads).

With wrong sides together, using embroidery thread matching the doughnut felt, sew around the inner hole using blanket stitch. Once complete, sew the outer edge of the doughnut using blanket stitch, leaving a gap to stuff with filling. I start ftuffing the doughnut when I've sewed 3/4 around the outer edge, and continue to stuff and sew until the gap is closed.

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