Friday, May 11, 2012

Japanese Craft Books

New Japanese Craft Books
Stitch Idees Magazine
I am in awe when I read craft blogs as the ideas and creativity of crafters are truly inspirational. The images are such a feast for my eyes (I call it craft porn) and I can spend hours pouring over blogs as well as craft books and magazines.

Cotton Time Magazine
I was giddy with delight when I stumbled into a huge book store in Shibuya in November 2010...I was in craft book heaven! The range is extensive, and although the books and magazines are in Japanese, the instructions appear to be easy to follow, and cross stitch and embroidery patterns transcend language barriers (isn't that beautiful?). As I had been walking all day in the rain (which I later found out to be a typhoon), I was so tired that I sat cross legged on the floor (very unladylike I know) and savoured the beautiful images on the pages. I bought a few books...well maybe more than a few as the sales attendant asked whether she could organise for the books to be delivered to my hotel - I was bewildered as I'm use to carrying my own shopping!

Craft Books I bought from Shibuya

Books I keep under the bed because I've run out of shelf space

What is noteworthy about the experience is that it reminded me of simple pleasures in life. Although I loved visiting the 'must see' sites in Tokyo, I was content just doing something as simple as browsing in a bookstore. We are constantly seeking fulfilment through engaging in new activities and stepping out of our comfort zone. I applaud this and agree that we need to broaden our horizons by trying something new and different, but sometimes it's the simple things that remind us to just appreciate what we have.

Stitch Idees magazine is always filled with fantastic cross stitch and embroidery patterns (can be purchased for around A$30 from Pomadour24 on Ebay), and Cotton Time (Kanga Kanga sells them for around A$35) consists of fun zakka sewing projects.

My friend Andrew bought me a stack of Japanese craft books to feed my craft obsession! Nothing like a healthy dose of new craft books to get the inspiration flowing.

My shelf devoted to craft books


  1. Your reference library is impressive. Even if we don't get around to actually completing many of the projects, it is fun to dream and plan. Best wishes, Jane.

  2. I was also impressed (awestruck) by your library - and very pleased to have contributed to an already comprehensive collection.