Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Japanese Washi Tape

For the past few months I've read many blogs about Japanese washi tape which are decorative paper adhesive tape that comes in an array of beautiful designs and colours.

MT brand washi tape
Washi tape from Typo
I have resisted the urge to buy the tape because I have too many (un-used and still in its packaging) craft supplies and shouldn't add to my overflowing containers, but I had to buy ONE to satisfy my curiosity. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t stop at ONE so I bought a few more, hiding them (another quirk to my list of eccentricities), and then taking them out when I have a sudden need to tape things...which doesn't happen that often.

Magnation on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne stocks the MT brand ($4.95 per roll), and Typo also has a small selection (they have recently been selling bundles of 2 for $7.95). Mel Stampz has created a collage of tape ideas which are just a feast for my eyes. Humm, what shall I tape?

Washi tape from Typo


  1. Hi. If you would like to check out more washi tape, you can see it on my FB page. www.facebook.com/weheartcrafts :)

  2. Hi CheeKeeLee,

    I have an Etsy shop in Melbourne selling washi tape goodies, it can be found here:


    Love your blog!