Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crocheted Blanket

I loved working on my granny square crocheted blanket last year, but having sewed the ends of 280 squares (!), I was reluctant to do that again any time soon. I started this blanket in February and decided that I just wanted to crochet, crochet...and crochet without sewing the ends of yarn so round and round I went!

The cream, blue and green acrylic yarns are by Panda which was lovely to work with as it was thick and sturdy. The magenta, yellow, red and navy blue yarns are from Lincraft which was thinner and the fibres split (so annoying) but it was good value and I liked the bright colours so I put up with it. The blanket measures 106cm x 106cm.

I sought advice from the lovely Stephanie of Can Do Books where I attend sewing and knitting/crochet Meet Ups as the blanket was a bit out of shape (I thought the tension was uneven). Stephanie said that this happens when crocheting large pieces so I have to "block" it to shape it, or simply wash it to get it into shape! Since it is well and truly winter (Melbourne was covered in a blanket of fog and did see the sun until mid afternoon yesterday), I'll wait for warmer days before washing and sun drying this blanket.

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  1. I love it. So much patience! Stephanie's advice is always so good. I'm looking forward to seeng how it looks after blocking!! I'm still at squares.