Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crimson Rosella

Our pair of crimson rosellas are enjoying the bird seeds we have in the garden. Only one bird can eat at the one time, and the larger bird (assuming he's the boy bird) usually waits for the smaller one (the missus) to eat first - rightly so I say! His patience ran out the other day because after waiting for his turn for quite a while, he pecked the missus and she flew away! How ungentlemanly!

There was only one bird who came on Sunday so I'm not sure who was giving the other the silent treatment.

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  1. They are very entertaining, we have the Eastern Rosellas here as well. I have added your other Blog to my list now, I love it. Barbie is a bit younger than me and I did have them when I was a child. My Mum had knitted me an outfit for her and it could still be tucked away somewhere. Being a fan of Bewitched, I have the Samantha Barbie. x Jane.