Thursday, November 15, 2012

Timber Babushka Cross Stitch

Jodi Maloni of The Haby Goddess was very kind to post a link to my blog on her Facebook page in August which I was very excited about. I asked whether she would be selling the frames (rather than the kit), and I received an email from her in October, as promised, when they were available at her online store. I bought 7 frames (I’m now on a self-imposed online shopping ban… yeah right, who am I kidding?!) to make for some friends and family – and one for myself because I think the Babushka would look fabulous pinned to my red moss stitch scarf.

I managed to complete four frames on Melbourne Cup Day!

I loved the owls, aren't they cute together?

Since the babushka frames do not come with patterns (patterns come with the full kit), I followed a floral pattern from Jan Eaton's Cross Stitch Motif Bible which fitted perfectly. Thank goodness for my extensive craft book collection!

I don't know the name of these flowers but they grow outside my room so I look up now and then from my sewing to admire them. I love the vibrant colours, but they are rather smelly!

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  1. Your flowers are Pelargoniums, very pretty but quite strong smelling. Love your crosstich, J.