Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jeanette's Crochet Chick Egg Cosy

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday! This "chook" is crocheted by Jeanette who we met during our New Zealand trip in December 2011. Jeanette is a Great Grandmother (!) and among her many talents, like being an actress (having starred in a play in her village last year), writer (she once wrote a memoir about her time in PNG), enjoys creating and making things for her friends and family as well as charity organisations. She supports the Addis Ababa Fistular Hospital in Ethiopia by knitting squares for blankets, and played Secret Santa by making little patchwork Christmas stockings for members of the village who wouldn't be seeing family during the holiday season which I thought was a very kind and sweet gesture.

I've seen pictures of Jeanette's craft and have been impressed and awed by her talent and creativity ~ fine cross stitch, patchwork blankets, yo-yos and she even made some bonnets for the Roses from the Heart initiative (as she is a descendent of the 1788 First Fleet).

In her letter to me, Jeanette relay her tale of sewing her thumb in the sewing machine breaking the needle with the cotton still attached! A big ouch! Removing the needle was less painful than pulling out the cotton which must have made a stitch ~ ick! The nurse told Jeanette to go home, watch a movie for the rest of the day and not to get into any more trouble. Yeah right! Jeanette just put in a new needle and continued sewing!

If I'm half as active as Jeanette at her age, I would consider myself blessed! Thank you Jeanette for the Easter chook!


  1. She sounds like a great lady, isn't it wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. It is a very cute crocheted chick.

  2. Oh my gosh.

    What a wonderful written piece I can’t get out my front door now with my big head. I feel so teary about what you have written, you are so wonderful Thank you so much, far to kind for this old granny, I thank you so much no one has ever did something so nice for me let alone wrote words about me. Bless you.