Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moonbrand Embroidery Floss

Given the time and effort I spend on my sewing and craft projects, I generally like to buy good quality fabric and supplies to ensure the finish product looks good and won’t disintegrated after a few washes. It would be heartbreaking to see the colours run on your patchwork quilt that you spent months (and in my case, years) working on, and stitching fall apart by using poor quality thread. Good quality products however come with a high price tag and I’m sometimes tempted to skimp when there are so many things on my wish list, but I usually bite the bullet and hand over the cash with a guilt ridden sigh (I know, first world problems). 

This craft purchase is out of character, but I adore the rainbow of pretty colours. I bought a bag of 36 skeins Moonbrand embroidery floss for A$12 from Riot Art and Craft. I haven’t even heard of Moonbrand and from what I can gleam from Google, very few people have either. There doesn’t appear to be a DMC or Anchor conversion chart available, but like the major brands, Moonbrand is cotton and comprise of 6 separate strands. The difference I can immediately spot is that it lacks the lustre of DMC threads, but since it works out to be around 33 cents per skein (compared to an average of A$1.20 per skein for DMC), one can’t be too critical. I’m ambivalent about using the threads for a major project as I'm not confident of its colourfast and fade resistance so I've found a perfect project for it that doesn't need to be laundered. I'll share the project before Easter, but I'm really pleased with how it has turned out!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished project and hearing what the cotton was like to work with.

  2. I have Moonbrand and use it on hand embroidery project; yes, it is not that shiny but if you like deep mat colors, jewel like type, it is good and I currently sew with two strands because one strand is too fine for my project; It goes well through the fabric, doesn't knot and seems good on ethnical patterns like suzani, etc. I still did not wash it so I don't know about that...anyway , I don't embroider with huge ambition rather than to find my emb. style, it is good for now;