Monday, May 13, 2013

Red Rooster Cross Stitch

I love rummaging discount bins because I love being giddy with anticipation of finding a bargain. A few months ago, my local Spotlight discounted red tea towels with Aida cross stitch cross stitch panels. If you've read my previous posts you will be familiar with my tea towel obsession so I was jumping out of my skin with this find! They were reduced to A$5 but when I got to the register they were further reduced to A$3! I bought all six tea towels that were on sale... of course, who wouldn't?...ok perhaps I was a tad greedy, but you must agree it was a excellent bargain!

It's a good thing I like red huh? I love redwork and have a dozen skeins of DMC 666 (isn't it cheeky of DMC?) in my stash because it's a really popular colour. I remember a few years ago there was a DMC 666 shortage (sigh, a first world problem) and I went to half a dozen haberdashery stores before Christmas looking for it (it is such a vibrant red so it's perfect for holiday crafts).

The rooster (haha, "Red Rooster") pattern is from Traditionell by Rico Design, and since I have five more tea towels, the only issue I have is deciding what to cross stitch next!


  1. Well done on finding the tea towels. They certainly were a bargain and they do look extra smart now with your Roosters crowing across the fabric.The cross stitch book looks lovely, have seen them around the web, where did you get yours from?

    Happy days.

  2. Hi Bev, many thanks for leaving a comment! The Rico Design books are fantastic - I treat myself to 1 (or 2) when I go to the annual Craft & Quilt Fair (unfortunately I don't remember the store name). I've had a look on Amazon (UK) and the Book Depository, but they don't show pictures of the covers (and I'm afraid I judge craft books by their covers). I'll make a note of the store name when I go to the fair this year and will let you know. Have a good day :)