Monday, July 15, 2013

The Great Australian Bake Off: Satay Pork Sausage Rolls

So here I am, just buying more cook books, and merely looking at the pictures! These are books I bought in June and I've tried ONE recipe! The first world problem I have is that I have too many recipes to choose from and I simply can't decide... sigh!

The Great Australian Bake Off television series started last week, I'm not sure if I'll continue watching the series (because it makes me drool), but the recipes featured in the book appear easy to follow and food I would eat. I'm generally not a fan of reality cooking series ~ it's great that it has inspired people to cook, but the sheer nastiness of some contestants (like those from My Kitchen Rules) are truly vulgar. I know these programs are heavily edited to portray contestants in the least favourable light to garner higher audience ratings, but there is enough negativity and meanness in the world. Such programs should showcase people's cooking talents and creativity rather than insults, mocking and tantrums. I know it's a competition, but couldn't people handle themselves with grace?

Anyway... a recipe that caught my eye from the Bake Off book was the satay pork sausage rolls. I love how creative Aussie cooks are ~ the humble sausage roll with Asian flavours! It contains sambal oeleck which I was going to make from scratch...but it was easier to buy from the supermarket (thank you Yeo's). I've been picturing myself making sambal by hand ~ I even bought a Balinese stone mortar and pestle from Oxfam...which I haven't used yet, but doesn't it make a great looking container for onions and shallots?

I used frozen shortcrust pastry (I know, it's cheating), and put one tablespoon (rather than two as specified in the recipe) of sambal oeleck as Mum thought it would be too spicy for Dad. I would recommend putting the full amount and even some fresh coriander. I couldn't taste the peanut butter, but I find that the Macro organic products to be over priced and bland.

The sausage rolls turned out pretty good and it was very easy and quick to make. Because they are bite sized, I must have eaten at least half a dozen (well, that's when I stopped counting)!

Note to self: remember to season with salt and pepper next time... agh, I always forget to do this!

The garden looks pretty ordinary in winter, but bees were just buzzing around our yellow flower succulents.

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  1. I totally agree with you about those cooking shows, where do they find these people! Those sausage rolls look yummy!