Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Granny Square Cushion

I've been taking my New Year Craft Resolutions seriously and finished one of two crocheted cushion covers on the list.  Hooray, I have just the person to give it to as it's her birthday coming up.  I must confess the cushion was actually completed in early January 2013, but it took me a year to buy a cushion insert and sew it up!  Yep, I'm a major procrastinator!

I had left over yarn from the crocheted blanket I finished in 2012 which I was keen to use up because wastage is tomorrow's shortage (gasp, one can't run out of yarn!).  The tiny bundles of brightly coloured yarn were just begging to be made into something useful so they were transformed into a cosy cushion!

Each colour square consist of five rounds of treble stitch which is edged with white acrylic yarn. I had an extra pink square left over from the blanket...because I can't count, which came in very handy because it became the back of this cushion. Two thumbs up ~ I used the left over yarn and found a use for the extra square! I now have an excuse to buy more yarn (chuckle, like a need an excuse)!

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