Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pastel Square Crochet Baby Blanket

Here is another project I can cross off the New Year Craft Resolutions list, that three projects within a month!  If I knew I could finish projects just because they are on "the list", I would have jotted them down years ago.  I hope I can keep up the enthusiasm, fingers crossed!

I was suffering from a serious bout of crochet withdrawal in early March 2013 as I had not crocheted for a few weeks. I was waiting for two lots of yarn orders ~ one from my favourite Bendigo Woollen Mills and the other from Deramores, a retailer from the UK which I was super excited about because I bought some delicious looking Stylecraft Special DK yarn that I've been drooling over in some British crochet blogs.  I needed to crochet with the yarn I had on hand so decided to make another blanket to donate.

I bought five 50g balls of Rosie's Studio Basic 4 ply baby yarn from The Craft Spot during 2012's Craft & Quilt Fair. Although I appear to use a lot of bright colours in my projects, I like softer palettes too, and at A$10 for the lot, I was super pleased.

To be honest, it's not a great yarn to crochet with, but the result is soft and cosy blanket. Following Meet Me At Mike's tutorial because I can only crochet two stitches, I had intended to make four squares from one ball of yarn and sew the square together. I then decided I didn't want to make squares any more so I joined the four pink squares together, and crocheted one big blanket.  The completed blanket measures approximately 73cm x 73cm and is the pastel version of the square blanket I made a couple of years ago.  Although it's not on the craft list, I'm in the mood to knit...

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  1. I am undecided about soft or bright for babies as well, gorgeous work as usual, J.