Sunday, September 21, 2014

Basketweave Baby Beanie

Melbourne CBD is hardly littered with craft and fabric stores so I was rather sad that Lincraft closed its store at Australia on Collins in April.  I had been going there for years ~ not because they stocked particularly interesting items, but haberdashery has a calming effect on me so it was a regular haunt during my lunch time walks. They reduced all their stock, first by 50% (then 75% ) and I managed to stock up on yarn, rolls of silk ribbons (I've been thinking I should revisit ribbon embroidery) and sewing threads.

Even though we had some unseasonably warm weather in Melbourne during May, June to August was certainly frosty so it was the perfect time to take out the knitting needles.  I bought some Lincraft Lullaby 4 ply baby wool during the sale as some of my work colleagues are expecting babies this year, so a relatively quick present to whip up are baby beanies.  I've knitted seven beanies this year (with enough yarn to make one more), two have been presents and the rest will be donated to KOGO.

This is a pretty easy pattern from Better Homes & Garden and I've been knitting while watching The West Wing on DVD (I've just finished season 2).  It's such a dynamic series that I really had to concentrate on the pattern.  I even dropped a few stitches, something I haven't done in years!  I've sat through series like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, and the one series that makes me lose concentration is a political drama!

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