Monday, May 4, 2015

Dinosaur Cross Stitch Bib

I've always wanted to cross stitch one of the dinosaur designs in Anne Sohier-Fournel and Sonia Lucano's Pictos, Logos & Autres Tags Au Point de Croix, but since I mainly cross stitch for special people's birthday cards, it is perhaps not appropriate ~ hey, happy birthday, you dinosaur!

I cross stitched this for Baby B using a DMC blue variation embroidery thread on a pre-sewn bib. Baby B is almost 3 months old and simply adorable (he didn't cry or fuss once during the entire time I held him... ok, he was fast asleep at the time but that's beside the point!), so I don't think he'll be offended by the dinosaur at all!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sneak Peak: Stylecraft Special DK Chevron Crochet Blanket

One of the reasons I was super keen to complete my pinky purply chevron crochet blanket was because I was looking forward to playing with the Stylecraft Special DK yarns I bought from Deramores a couple of years ago. I've long admired Lucy's Attic24 and According to Matt's crochet projects using the yarns so I just had to buy the scrumptious looking yarns for myself!

Lucy uses 17 colours...but I bought 18 because I'm Chinese and it's a more auspicious number. The order I'm going to crochet are as follows:

1246 - Lipstick; 1083 - Pomegranate; 1241 - Fondant; 1132 - Shrimp; 1263 Citron; 1020 Lemon; 1316 - Spring Green; 1065 - Meadow; 1422 - Aspen; 1068 - Turquoise; 1034 - Sherbert; 1019 - Cloud Blue; 1003 - Aster; 1188 - Lavender; 1432 - Wisteria; 1390 - Clematis; 1084 - Magenta and 1061 - Plum.

I started this blanket during the Easter long weekend and it's still early days.  It will hopefully be completed in over a year's time, perhaps just in time for Mum's birthday in May 2016!