Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Teddy Bear Cross Stitch

Baby B turned one on Sunday! This cross stitch pattern is from Better Homes & Garden magazine back in November 2005! I can't believe it's over 10 years old, but hording charts comes in handy as I'll have just the right pattern for someone special. I have 10 bear designs so stay tuned for the next 9 years!

It turns out I've cross stitched a couple of patterns from this magazine edition before, I long for the days when I had so much time to stitch. It's English Breakfast above and French breakfast below.


  1. I stitched the two breakfast sampler for my sister many years ago as a house warming sadly she lost her house in a fire recently and told me that they were two of the things she would miss most - unfortunately there have been to many moves for me and my patterns haven't survived them all - it was lovely to see them and I will show them to my sister ... TY

    1. Hi Gail, many thanks for your note. Sorry to hear that the samplers you stitched are lost, if would like a copy of the pattern, I'll be more than happy to scan and email you a copy :)

    2. I would so appreciate if you could do that for me - I would love to make them as a surprise housewarming gift for her new home when it is finished being built

    3. Hi Gail - I've scanned the patterns for you (A3 size) hence could you provide an email address.