Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More Doubloom Beanies

I've been loving Lincraft's Cosy wool so much that I knitted more Doubloom beanies for my colleague's children for the winter.  Is it just me, or are Melbourne winters getting colder and colder each year?  I'm not going to admit that I'm getting older and older and feeling the cold more!

I found a great easy to follow video on how to crochet flowers and now want to embellish everything with these flowers! I have to remember that less is more!

Ribbed Beanie

It's been far too long since I updated my blog, as usual, work and everyday life has prevented me from spending time doing what I love. When I read Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman a few years ago, the author made prison sound so appealing ~ a real sense of community, all your meals prepared, reading books (my list is huge!) and knitting and crocheting until your heart's content. If I could have this, minus being incarcerated of course, it would be bliss!

When I found this easy free pattern from Yarninspirations, I had to pick up my straight needles straight away (I haven't tackled circular needles yet). The grey is for my Dad, and brown for Mum, and I completed the beanies back in August using Lincraft's Cosy wool.  I love Cosy because it's so thick, soft and lovely to work with.  I have a big stash in lots of colours as I can't resist buying a couple...or more every time there is a sale!