Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ballerina Princess Quilt for Baby S

Remember my best friends C and D who live in Singapore? Back in September 2016, I received wonderful news from them ~ the arrival of a baby girl!  Baby S was a delightful surprise and I was super excited and overjoyed by the news.

I had a set of five ballerina quilters quarters I bought years ago from Lincraft, and added a pink floral fabric to sew together into strips.

I tried free motion quilting for the first time and I can't believe I waited so long to tackle it!  It's not as intimidating as it appears ~ I traced the design using a squiggle quilting template and off I sewed!  I didn't sew as fast as the ladies on YouTube videos, but I sew like I drive...slow and overly cautious!

I had a piece of Disney princess fabric from my fabric stash which was the perfect size for the quilt backing.  The quilt is finished off with a pink ribbon bow sewed in each corner.

I met Baby S when I traveled to Singapore in November to personally deliver the quilt. I adore Baby S even though she frowned at me when I held her for the first time!

Green and Yellow Granny Square Baby Blanket

A belated Happy 2017 to you!  I start each year's blog post lamenting how I never have enough time to devote to doing things I love, and this year is no different!  I should really change...but I'm such a creature of habit so I probably never will.  I have been making things, but haven't had time to record my projects until now...and it's March (sigh!).

Back in October 2016, K & M had a new addition to their family, a Baby Boy named JT, brother to Baby B (who turned 2 last month so now he's Toddler B)!  Since K & M didn't want to know the gender of the baby, I chose Patons' Big Baby 4 ply acrylic in colours (from left to right) 2582 (green), 3911 (green and yellow), 9927 (yellow) and 2656 (white).  This was a really lovely yarn to work with, and apparently the blanket is frequently used and appears to be in good shape with no pilling which I'm super pleased about!

Using a 4mm crochet hook, I crocheted 10 rounds in colours 2582, 3911 and 9927, and 2 rounds in the white to trim each square. I made 8 squares in each color and crocheted the squares together with the white yarn.  The blanket was completed with a round of green yarn.

Even though I bought 2 balls in each colour (I'm not exactly a less is more girl when it comes to craft supplies), I only needed 1 ball each to complete the gift.  I rushed to complete the blanket (which was on a Friday night and Baby JT was born on the Sunday), so I didn't measure the final size, but it should be good to use for a little while.  Now what to do with the remaining balls of this lovely acrylic?...