Saturday, March 10, 2012

Japanese Yuzen Chiyogami Washi Paper

I bought a sample of Japanese Yuzen Chiyogami Washi paper from CraftyJapan many months ago. The seller lives in Kani-Shi, Gifu Prefecture which is close to a paper making town in a Japanese countryside which would be a perfect place to visit! The closest I got was Kyukyodo, a spectacular stationery shop in Ginza which was filled with a wonderful range of beautiful paper that I almost sobbed with delight. I didn't buy anything because I couldn't pick one item as everything was amazing.

I still send cards for special occasions as emails and sms are just not the same. I like the ease of electronic communication, but I'm always delight in sending (and receiving - hint hint!) something via snail mail. I also make book marks from the washi paper because I prefer to read books with real paper and ink (I've run out of shelf space so the purchase of an e-reader is inevitable). I use decorative edge punches and scissors and neaten edges with quilling paper.

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  1. I love this paper as well, my niece brought me back some from Japan and the colours and designs are beautiful.