Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Crocheted Blanket

A few weeks ago I walked into my nearest Spotlight (in Box Hill) and noticed a buzz of excitement in the air. What could it be? I soon discovered that the positive vibe was due to a 30% off yarn sale! Nothing brings me more happiness than a sale, but a handcraft sale (which is almost as exciting as a shoe sale) tops the list. What bliss!

I bought 8 coloured balls and 2 white balls of 100g, 8 ply Thorobred acrylic yarn. Since I only know how to crochet two stitches ~ chain and treble stitch, I started crocheting squares to make into a blanket (again). Crocheting is so addictive as this is my third crochet project this year (I have six unfinished patchwork quilts in the UFO cupboard...ah I'll get to them eventually)!

I used a metallic purple 5mm crochet hook which is part of a set of 23 which was a gift from a former neighbour named Richard Gilbert (who sadly passed away earlier this year) so I thought of him when I was crocheting.

The pattern I followed is super easy, and I completed 10 rounds of treble with the coloured yarn which I then edged with 1 round of white yarn. A finished square measures approximately 22cm, and I was able to complete 4 squares from each ball of yarn which resulted in 30 squares (I crocheted 3 pink and 3 navy blue). I crocheted the squares together, and completed a round of white around the blanket, followed by one round of blue. The finished blanket measures approximately 115cm x 140cm.

I'm not sure what to do with this I'll start another one while I think about it!

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