Saturday, September 15, 2012

Melbourne Spring Garden

Melbourne has had some glorious weather well as rainy gloomy weather but c'est la vie (five years of high school French and that's pretty much all I can remember!) so I took some photos of our garden.

Our friend J gave us some tulip bulbs which are magnificent ~ they are huge and I love the colour!

The succulents are always thriving ~ this particular plant is almost as tall as me (and I'm around 165cm)!

The plum tree is blossoming so we anticipate lots of plums this year. I'm sure the pot will be simmering with lots of jam!

I use to press pansies so I can enjoy them all year round, but I think they are happier in the sunlight.

I adore freesia, the fragrance in the air is a reminder that spring has arrived.

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