Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sambal Prawns with Okra

It's been ages since I've updated my blog, but I've been busy at work and on the weekends, and have had the sniffles these past couple of weeks. Mum made sambal prawns and okra to give my tastebuds a bit of a kick as eveything I've tasted recently has been bland.

This ready made paste is from eCosway (Malaysian retail outlet which is scattered around Melbourne - you don't need to be member to purchase their products even though they try to give you the hard sell), and note the whole packet is for 1 kilogram of prawns so if you are just making a serving for three, you only need a tablespoon or so (depends how spicy you like it).  The paste is made using onions, garlic, tumeric, lemon grass, galangal and tamarind so it tastes and smells delicious. Cook the paste for a couple of minutes before adding shelled and deveined prawns (we had around 200 grams).

To save cooking time, microwave around 12 medium sized okra for 2 minutes, and add to the prawns. Add a dash of lemon (or lime) juice to give it a zing!

All done!

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