Friday, September 23, 2011

Christmas Sequin Baubles

My friend D who lives in Sydney probably rolled her eyes and thought I was a complete nutter when I told her that I have been making sequin baubles for Christmas. Well it's only three months until the holiday season so why not start preparing now? Not that we celebrate Christmas but I do put up a tree each year. I like what the season represents - a reminder of what is important in life - spending time family and friends (oh ok, I do enjoy hunting for bargains at the sales too).

I'm going for a silver theme this year so I've started making sequin baubles as I find it rather therapeutic pinning beads and sequins into Styrofoam balls. I'm using a variety of silver beads, stars, sequins in various sizes and alternating between pinning the sequins in a concave and convex pattern to give the baubles texture. I've also dipped the pins into a little PVA glue for extra hold.

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