Sunday, April 15, 2012

Port Melbourne

Princes Pier
It was a beautiful Autumn day in Melbourne and I went on a 16km Port Melbourne walk with a Meetup group. It was 27*C which is unseasonally warm for this time of the year, but there were certainly no complaints judging from all the people out and enjoying the splendid weather!

Westgate Bridge
We started the walk at Station Pier, strolling along Beacon Cove esplanade to Princes Pier. We then walked along Sandridge Beach and Todd Road West Gate Park where thankfully, we did not encounter any snakes! We stood underneath the West Gate Bridge, went through Fisherman's Bend before journeying back Station Pier.

I usually don't post photos of myself (well aside from my hands and feet) but that's me in the black cap.
(Photo taken by James Rodrigo)

We finished the walk at 3.00pm and I didn't feel like eating anything heavy but the gelati stand seemed like a refreshing idea! Not really a "meal", but Andrew, Grace and I very much enjoyed it (I had blood orange, mango and strawberry) and Andrew even gave it a Japanese-style bunny ears approval.

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