Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year Craft Resolutions

Do you keep do-to lists?  I'm meticulous at work as I record everything to help ensure nothing slips through the cracks, but in my personal life, I've been more relaxed about personal fulfillment.  Academically I've achieved and I've a job that I'm content with, but my goals have always centred around my career, and I haven't given much thought to what I would like to achieve in life overall.  I would like to have a more balanced approach to life, so even though it's a minuscule step, I've made a list of craft projects that I would like to realistically complete in 2014!  See, it's even hand written!  Sure, there are more substantial, life affirming lists I should jot down, but for now, it's craft projects.  A tad frivolous, but Laozi did say that a "journey of a thousand miles beings with one step"... and that step, is craft.  You may think I'm a bit late with new year's resolutions, but it's Chinese New Year today, and since I'm Chinese, the clock starts now! (Phew!)

On reflection, it is a rather paltry list because I've thought of more projects to include, such as crocheting a new blanket and knitting children size beanies to donate, and sewing a blouse I've had my eye on from a Japanese sewing book, etc so an addendum to the New Year Craft Resolution list is that once a project is complete, I can add another to a list.  I shouldn't limit myself to what's on a list so it's an evolving process. So which project should I tackle first?

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