Monday, February 4, 2013

Chinese New Year Tree

Since I've received a few compliments for our origami chanes tree, the theme for our tree is now Chinese New Year which falls on Sunday 10 February. I bought the paper ornaments from Daiso when I was in Singapore about 4 years ago, and the only ornaments I could find in Melbourne were mini lanterns. I'm sure I would be spoiled for choice if I was in Asia with a plethora of ornaments like pineapples (which symbolises gold), peaches (longevity) and red chillis (good luck), but lanterns are fine - illumination is better than darkness!

Our friend Janice added parcels of gold wrapped chocolate and chocolate in tiny whiskey glasses to ensure sweetness and good times during the year of the snake. The whiskey reminded me of the Kitchen God, a Chinese deity who, during the new year report the activities of every household over the past year to the Emperor of the Heavens. Since we only want a positive report which will be rewarded with good luck, it is tradition to smear honey on the lips of the Kitchen God (paper effigy or plaque) so he will only speak sweet words or keep his lips stuck together. Wine is also offered as a extra incentive as the Kitchen God will surely give a stellar report after a few drinks (supposedly a happy drunk)!

Our friend Debbie gave us Chinese New Year presents ~ if I had know that having a tree for major celebrations resulted in presents, I would have started this years ago. I'm thinking of an Easter tree...mmmm, chocolates!

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