Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grandmother's Garden Patchwork Quilt

I started this Grandmother's Garden patchwork quilt way back in February 2004 and I'm nowhere near completing this very ambitious project! I had planned ten rows of ten "flowers" and after eight years, I'm only half way through the fifth row. I aim to finish the fifth row this year, so since I've blogged about it, I have "witnesses" so I need to do it! I was considering six rows but I need to be realistic about my goals, why kid myself?!

I chose this pattern in memory of my paternal grandmother who made a hexagon quilt for me. I don't remember much about her as she passed away from cervical cancer when I was five, but I have vague memories of her making this quilt using newspaper as templates. Despite the flimsiness of newspaper, my grandmother still maintained the hexagon shape which is really amazing to me. I use drawing paper as it is firmer and can be re-used; if I use newspaper, my hexagons will probably turn out looking like Suffolk/yoyo puffs!

It would have been wonderful if she had lived longer so I would know her, and I'm sure she would help me finish this quilt! I think of her when I'm sewing the hexagons together, so in a way, she is making this quilt with me.

I'm working on row five...

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  1. I really enjoy English Paper Piecing, it can be very portable when you start At some stage I am going to establish a Gallery on my blog and include the few small and the larger ones I have completed. Need some help from Hello Little Birdie but she is a little busy at the moment! Jane. [lovely story about your Grandmother]