Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Felt Sandwich

I've long realised that my craft projects have a food theme. I wonder if I'm constantly craving food, but instead of indulging in it, I choose to create ones I can't eat as a substitute. Or is this 'food' a substitute for something else? Hum... way too deep so I'll continue with the self denial!

I made this sandwich a few of years ago when I checked out the Myrtle & Eunice blog (pattern here) but always felt it was incomplete with only lettuce, tomato and Swiss cheese. An easy filling would be a piece of ham using pink felt (but I don't like ham, you know what they say about processed red meat), my friend Bernie suggested tofu cubes, and Paula said a sandwich is incomplete without onion rings. Great suggestion ladies, but tofu is way too healthy and onions make me bloated (sorry for sharing). A former colleague commented that my sandwich looked a little 'dry', or perhaps he was referring to his sense of humour? So to keep it fresh, I wrap the sandwich in grease proof paper and keep it in a snaplock bag.

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