Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 5: Arrowtown to Te Anau

We visited Arrowtown on Boxing Day which is about a 20 minute drive from Queenstown. It's a charming little community where we bought some local apricots and cherries before visiting the Lakes District Museum.

"Children, mind that you're in school. You must not break a single rule"
Gee, times have certainly changed!
* * *
What is behind this door?

Pardon me! I should have knocked first!

I'll need to trim a few inches off my waist (or remove a couple of ribs) to fit into this corset measuring 51cm (19 inches)! 

We stopped at Kingston for a short break but didn't actually board the Flyer. According to signage, the "Invercargill-Kingston Railway was opened on 10 July 1878 to serve to Wakatipu Goldfields. It began in 1863 as a wooden line to Makarewa". It is also written "The Wakatipu Steamers Mountaineer and Earnslaw were assembled and launched in this vicinity on 11 February 1879 and 24 February 1912 respectively".

We stopped in Athol and had lunch at a roadside cafe before driving to Te Anau where we stayed at the Distinction Luxmore Hotel. Pumpkin soup (again!) and could I select just one item from the dessert bar? No, that's simply not possible and probably frowned upon!

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