Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crossed Stitched Pot Pourri Envelopes

I love cross stitching little motifs, and then have no idea what to do with them. I usually work on small pieces of aida or canvas, and upon completion find that the fabric is too small to do anything useful with. Sigh, I should plan projects before I start cross stitching, but sometimes I just want to stitch!

I'm obsessed with lavender - not only does it have a sweet and soothing fragrance, it is a natural moth repellent too (three cheers for Mother Nature!).

I made pot pourri envelopes to hang on my hangers on Monday. I folded the top corners (of the fabric with the motif) into 45 degree angles and sewed along the edges to create a flap. With wrong sides together, stitch the side and bottom edges. Neaten the edges with pinking shears and secure the flap and back with Velcro. For me, a project is not complete without a bow.

Decorative yet functional, surely Martha Stewart would consider this a "Good Thing"?

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