Monday, June 13, 2011

Donna Hays' Earl Grey Tea Cake

Mum and I made this cake (recipe) on Sunday from Donna Hay's April/May 2011 edition and it certainly will be a keeper. I'm not sure why this recipe appealed to me - it contains fresh dates and Earl Grey tea, definitely not my favourites, but the combination is superb. I suppose the lesson is to try something that you ordinarily wouldn't consider, and you might discover something new you like. We borrowed some tea from our good friends Janice and Charles (who actually have proper tea leaves rather than tea bags). Since this cake turned our so well, we plan to bake one for them (it is their tea after all!)

The rich aroma of the dates and muscovado brown sugar filled the house, and Mum and I couldn't wait to taste it... and we didn't stop with just one piece! The cake is springy, there is a slight crunch from the grated apples (we used Fuji) with a smokey and spicy flavour from the tea. Have you stopped drooling yet?

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