Friday, June 17, 2011

Pocket for Photo Album

I've finally finished my notes for my Tokyo trip (29 October to 4 November 2010) after much procrastination. I always tell myself to write down my thoughts straight after a trip when events are still fresh in my mind, but quite frankly, it can be so boring! Nevertheless it is worthwhile to jot down dates, attractions and impressions so you can later recall how you felt when you look back on your journey.
I like to keep (hoard?) little mementos gathered during my trip like boarding passes, restaurant menus, travel itineraries and train tickes so I made a pocket for the front cover of my photo album. I used this beautiful Autumn leaves print from Cristina Re.

Simply measure the size of the pocket you wish to make and add 2cm around the two sides and bottom. Score the fold line with the back of a butter knife and fold. Apply double sided tape and then stick the pocket to your album. I also used another piece of matching paper for the backing. My photos and mementos are now kept neatly together!

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